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Errors in reverese engineering


After importing 620-optionsnominationresponse-v5-0.xsd:
Type EMLstructure (base type for EML):
 - second attribute container (SequenceNumber, NumberInSequence, SequenceElementName) should be optional (seqence with minOccurs="0")
 - elements MessageLanguage, RequestedresponseLanguage missing completeely
 - IssueDate element missing
Type EML (derived from EMLstructure)
 - adds only OptionsNominationResponse, yet all members inherited from EMLstructure are listed again (TransactionId..., SequenceNumber..., AdditionalValidation...)
Type IncomingGenericCommunicationStructure
 - classes EventIdentifier, ElectionIdentifier, ContestIdentifier should have element labels (this type of error occurs frequently also in other types)
Type VoterInformationStructure
 - element contact does not declare attribute ElectionId
 - element Qualifier is missing
 - element CheckBox does not declare attribute Type
 - element Eligibility is missing

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