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Controller as in MVC in our case consists of two parts. Controllers and Commands. Controllers also consist of two parts, ElementControllers and CommandControllers.

Element Controllers

Classes providing methods for changing the model (or ViewHelpers) using Commands, each PIM and PSM element has its own controller providing means to rename, add/remove attributes, operations etc. Used mainly by view elements, so they do not create Commands on their own.


PSMClassController Controls PSMClass Model element, is used by PSMClass View element. Provides methods such as DeriveNewRootPSMClass, AddClassSpecialization, GroupBy, AddChildren, ManageAttributes etc., which are usually wrappers for Commands creation.


Diagram Controller

There is one for each diagram, stores diagram-specific settings like Diagram (model class representing a Diagram), and provides diagram-specific methods like NewAssociation, NewGeneralization etc., which are usually also wrappers for Commands creation and initialization.

Model Controller

One per project (we support only one project so far), stores the undo stack and the redo stack, provides model-specific methods like IsElementUsedInDiagrams, HasElementPSMDependencies, CreateSimpleType etc.

View Controller

Provides methods for moving and resizing view elements, which are usually also wrappers for Commands like MoveElement, ResizeElement, BreakLine etc.

Controllers inheritance diagram


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